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What to expect for your first Acupuncture treatment

Instructions before treatment:

  • Please eat a small protein meal at least 30 minutes before arriving.
  • Wear loose comfortable clothing as if you were going to the gym.
  • Plan your work out BEFORE receiving acupuncture.
  • Print and fill out the initial intake form online, or arrive 20 minutes early to fill out paperwork.
  • Bring in any blood work, MRI, x-rays, or reports that you may have
  • The first time you are getting treatment allow up to 90 mins for full evaluation and treatment.

During the session

Introduction : The Acupuncturist will start by introducing themselves, and the practice and what their qualifications are. All of our Acupuncturists are NY state board certified and have their Masters in either Acupuncture or Oriental Medicine.

Assessment: The acupuncturist will ask you why you are here, your history and what your goals are. He or She will ask you questions, do some palpation, look at your tongue and feel your pulse. If applicable, the acupuncturist may take your blood pressure, and do some assessment tests.

Diagnosis: After leaving the room and going over the information the Acupuncturist had gathered, He or she will come up with a Traditional Chinese Medicine Diagnosis for you, and will determine a set of points that have specific functions to match your patterns that would help in treating the root (constitution) and the branch (symptom) of your diagnosis.

Plan of Treatment: The Acupuncturist will give you a recommendation of how often he/she feels you need to come in, and will collaborate with you about what will work for your lifestyle and schedule. He/she will give you a prescription of the amount of visits he/she feels is appropriate until a reevaluation is needed. He/She will also recommend any adjunct therapies they think may be necessary for future treatments (ie cupping, moxa, e-stim, herbal recommendation, TCM food recommendations)

The session: After committing to a plan of action you will be laying on a heated treatment table, you may be laying face up or face down depending on your comfort and the acupuncturists choice of treatment. You want to make sure you are comfortable before the acupuncturist starts the treatment because you are supposed to remain as still as possible during the session.The areas that will get acupuncture get cleaned with alcohol, and then a sterile new acupuncture pack will be opened, and now it is time to start the acupuncture session.  The insertion part takes anywhere from 5-15 mins. Depending on what the acupuncturist is trying to achieve, they may perform different techniques on the insertion, and/or may enter the room mid-session to perform the techniques.


While laying, the treatment works best if you try to relax as best you can by taking deep breaths, and closing your eyes. Infrared heat lamps may be placed above your feet or body to enhance your comfort.


The acupuncturist will leave the room, and will typically check on you after a few minutes if it is your first session. You will be given a bell just in case you need anything. The acupuncture will be retained anywhere between 20-40 min. At the end of the retention, the acupuncturist will return and remove the acupuncture by using a cotton ball. If appropriate a short light massage or stretch may be performed on you. The acupuncturist may give you homework to do.



After the treatment:

Please allow up to 48 hours for the treatment to take effect. Avoid exercising for at least a few hours after treatment. Drink plenty of water to help rid your body of toxins. This is a type of medicine that can be subtle. You may or may not see a big difference within the first few sessions,  It may take anywhere from 3-6 sessions to see any significant difference. The longer you have had a condition, the longer it may take for your body to shift back to the place it is supposed to be. Make sure you book out your sessions recommended, and be sure to schedule your reevaluation so that you will have the time slots you need and to utilize acupuncture and TCM to its full potential.

The way Acupuncture works is that each treatment will build onto the next. Treatments start closer together, and as you are feeling better the treatments are spread more apart. Each treatment builds onto the next, so you never want to wait too long until the next treatment, otherwise you may create a see-saw effect within the body and you may not see improvements.  Eventually when you are feeling better, it is recommended that you come in monthly for a “tune up”’ treatment in order to maintain optimal health.


What to expect for your first NAET treatment

NAET is a form of medicine that addresses allergies and sensitivities. NAET may help to clear any sensitivities to an allergy after just one treatment.

Everyone can experience an allergy or sensitivity in a different way. Some may experience rashes, some develop headaches, some have mucus build up. Some may experience a reaction to an allergy with pain, or acid regurge. Some may have several sensitivities, that when combined together will give a more series reaction.

The way we eat, how we deal with stress, and the amount of rest we get all play a role in how an allergen/sensitivity can affect us. An allergen/sensitivity will usually attack the weakest part of our system first.

NAET utilizes a series of treatments to help to boost the body’s immune system and clear an allergen by slowly desensitizing the body of  particular substances.

NAET is very similar to an acupuncture treatment in the fact that you will be receiving acupuncture or acupressure, but what changes each treatment is whatever substance you will be holding, and that a specific set of points with be used.

On your first visit the acupuncturist will first do muscle testing (kinesiology) to see which substances your body is weak to. If you have any blood work or test results from a scratch test this will be helpful when doing the initial diagnosing, but it is not necessary. Even with blood work, a patient’s sensitivities may not show up, as blood work only determined if a patient is 30% or more sensitive to a substance, where kinesiology testing can show a weakness below 30% .

Kinesiology is a form of medicine that applies the study of body mechanics in body movement. The way that kinesiology is applied in NAET and NET is in the belief of the theory that every person has a positive and negative charge, just like electricity you are not able to see that charge, but we know it is there.  When your body is exposed to something that negatively affects you, (whether it’s inhaled, eaten, touched, or smelt) your body will go weak, and through kinesiology the Practitioner will be able to determine what substances negatively impact the patient.

Since patients sometime have severe reactions to things, they may hold a vial that has the chemical component of the substance, or they may get tested and treated through a surrogate. Children will get tested through a surrogate as well.

The testing usually starts with what is called “the basic 15” which are a set of minerals, vitamins, and food that are tested first for any sensitivities.

In order to fight off an allergen in the body, we must first make sure your body is properly absorbing these certain nutrients.  We can determine if there is a type of imbalance through muscle testing.

The basic 15 is a crucial part of the NAET medicine, as if you are not strong with the basics than your body may not be strong enough to fight off and keep the allergen or sensitivity from negatively affecting your body

After the basic 15 are tested. The allergens/sensitivities can then be determined, and a plan of treatments will then be discussed.

The treatment:

The practitioner will have the patient hold a vial of the substance that is going to be treated. Muscle testing in the beginning to confirm the weakness.

The NAET  practitioner will then have the patient take a deep breath in while the Practitioner does acupressure along the spine, then the patient will exhale as the practitioner goes down again. Then quick breathing, and normal breathing.

The allergy can be weak at an emotional, physical, and physiological level, it is up to the practitioner to determine this.

After the treatment: 

There may be an avoidance diet given in which you may not eat, touch or go near the substance treated after a 25 hour period. This gives the body time to detox the substance out if the system.

What's included in your evaluation

Your Full Evaluation which includes:

  • 45 minutes of undivided attention from a Board Certified NY State Licensed Acupuncturist that has Obtained a Masters Degree in Acupuncture, and Bachelor of Health Science, with knowledge of both Eastern AND Western medicines.
  • Blood Pressure Taken
  • Pulse and Tongue Diagnosis
  • Full History Taken
  • Muscle testing/evaluation of injury
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Diagnosis based off of the ‘5 elements’
  • Individualized plan with goals
  • Education about yourTraditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis
  • Welcome Folder filled with information to enhance your treatment and experience
What's included in your treatment
  • 20-30 mins one-on-one with Acupuncturist
  • 20-30 min of needle retention
  • Custom Massage at finish of treatment
  • Heated Table
  • Infrared Heat Lamp
  • Himalayan Salt Lamp in each room
  • Relaxing or Choice of Music
  • Comfortable tables for all body types
  • Sheet with a cozyblanket
  • Face eye mask
  • Bell to ring if needed
  • Free Hot tea of the month with health benefits
  • TV in waiting room, comfortable waiting area
  • Receptionist Greeting
  • No, or very little wait time to be seen
  • Text/email reminders of appointments
  • Appointment Availability Monday-Saturday
  • A team of Practitioners that work together to streamline the plan originally prescribed
  • Weekly emails of wellness Tips/Recipes relevant to the season
At no extra charge we provide...
  • NAET ( Nampudripads Allergy Elimination Technique)
  • Herbal Recommendations
  • Essential Oils Based on needs
  • Cupping
  • Moxa
  • Electrical Stim
  • TCM Nutritional Advice
  • Kinesiotaping
  • Ear Seeds
  • Herbal Linament
  • Stretching Exercises
  • Meditation Exercises
  • NRT (Nutrition Response Testing)
  • Homework Handouts
  • Additional Pillows/blankets/Bolsters
To enhance your treatment...

For an additional charge you can add-on to your treatment:

  • 30 min custom medical massage
  • 60 min custom medical massage
  • 30 min slide cupping
  • NET (Nuero Emotional Technique)
  • Comprehensive Herbal Consult
  • Medical Qi Gong Treatment
  • Custom made Herbal formulas
  • High Quality Supplements
  • Reiki Treatment

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